Monday, July 25

More on Birthdays

I know normal people do not get torqued up about their 36th birthdays. But, I'm really not all that normal. More later, as I have an *actual* post in the works, but I just had to RE-mention this.

Also, hey-i-love-you to Allie and Lola and Mary, and when the slap is Christel coming back?!?!?!?!


Smashlee said...

I saw Christel post on Allie's blog so I think she is back and too busy shagging E to tell us about her trip.

Tasty said...

That slut. ;-)

*L'ola said...

she needs to stop with the situps and make with the regaling us with her stories once again...and fast. i'm having a Goddess jones something awful and shit.

Anonymous said...

devilboss here:

Damn thing woudln't let me sign in!

You know christel can't stop doin' Mr. Joey Fatone. But I miss my little scarecrow so she needs to be updating.

NTBoi77 said...

I love you Stacey! Just wanted to let you know that I check your blog while in Scotland ... others here love you too! :)


christ*el #3tx said... *wheezes*

ok, so im naked too, but im here. i gave him a reprieve for a minute to check in from being a "slut;)" and say hi.

so hi.
and i am SO excited about YOUR birthday, but i STILL need to send lola's present. i so suck.

speaking of which, i think my presence is being requested.

lovin you.

Allie#3ga said...

does that mean you're on your way here FINALLY christel??? cause i'm naked too ya know.

and i miss my friend sosososososo much.

and i scared tood this weekend -so that's good.

Anonymous said...

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