Tuesday, July 26

Happy Birthday, Dande!

Or, "Yet Even More About Birthdays" by Stacey.

Dearest Dande,

You were the first Queen I sent stuff to! Did you know that? Not only that, but you were my first Scary Soul Sister to be located in another state. How is it that we came from two entirely different places in the world and still have all the things in common that we do? (All the way down to studying Classical Greek in college, the whole pastor thing, and both being dreadfully allergic to shellfish.)

You are SUCH a precious person. Brilliant, hilarious, and amazingly well spoken. Who else says, "The irony is delicious" while they're still mostly asleep? All this, and you're a hottie, too. You're one of my favorite people in the world, and I hope that you know that every single day.

Happy Birthday to you,
Boss of the Mud Bog Queens
Queen of the Dandelion Festival
The Persimmon
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I love you,


M'Ary* said...

Did you know that you were the first queen who ever sent me stuff? How's that for delicious irony??

But what I really want to know is:

A. What, exactly, is a "That Todd"?
2. Why am I just now finding out about it?

Tasty said...

The fact that you're just now finding out about it falls under the category of "hopeless slackassitude". Mine, to be exact. I'll email you the juicy details. :)

*L'ola said...

The Panel (of which you, mary, are ON) is forming a a few questionaires for That Todd right now as well as a Sublimely Scary Obstacle Course and Cocktail Procuring Test. Oh, and he has to tell us what all he thinks of the movie Vera Drake. There is a definate wrong answer to that one, but he has to find the right answer to that himself.

*L'ola said...

whoo, i just caught sight of our pictures next to our comments. we are HOTT!

christ*el #3tx said...

ima hafta get on that MARY LOVIN BUS. happy birthday FACE!

and we also have to make him COOK for us. and wait on us. and then clean up after. and then make us dessert wearing ONLY an apron. yeah. that sounds AWESOME!

i am so sick with the amount that i miss you all.

Allie#3ga said...

i was thinking he needs to watch us make out and then we can judge by his reaction if he's worthy for our stacey!

and oh yeah, i'ma call mary AGAIN and shout the birthday cheer to her!

amy said...

those are gorgeous flowers.

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