Tuesday, March 22

Hello, again!

I Live: in Indianapolis, Indiana.
I Work: at a drug company famous for its antidepressants.
I Think: that I am so blessed with friends it's really, really crazy!
I Smell: heavenly.
I Listen: to music almost all the time.
I Hide: nothing. I'm so freakin' transparent it's sickening.
I Walk: on the treadmill nearly every night.
I Write: when I feel passionate about something. (Or when I'm doing one of these goofy lists.)
I See: not nearly enough of Chloe and Jacob.
I Sing: all the damn time. It's difficult to quit singing at work.
I Can: convince you of almost anything.
I Watch: the West Wing on TV.
I Daydream: about being kissed and held while I sleep. Or about being on a book tour with the Numbers (#3KY, #3GA, #3TX, and #4WV. )
I Fall: up the stairs, sometimes. That's talent, kids.
I Want: more time.
I Cry: as though it were my hobby.
I Read: anything thought-provoking and/or entertaining. NO romance novels. Ever.
I Love: getting to know people.
I Rode: my bike to the boat dock when we lived in Hawaii.
I Sometimes: forget to take my own advice.
I Fear: that my folks will be disappointed in me.
I Hope: that I figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
I Eat: popcorn and cheddar cheese for dinner sometimes.
I Quit: asking myself the question "what's wrong with me?"
I Drink: double espresso nearly every day.
I Play: a doctor on TV.
I Miss: Lipstick Laura.
I Forgive: Grimace for being profoundly self-centered.
I Drive: the car of an 80 year old woman.
I Dream: of making a really significant contribution to humanity.
I Have: a totally awesome life.
I Remember: that anything can happen.
I Don't: regret a damn thing.
I Believe: that God both knows me and loves me exactly how I am today.
I Owe: a debt of gratitude to my mom and dad that really can't be paid.
I Know: that I'm worth the trouble.
I Hate: that neither of my husbands knew I was worth the trouble.
I Feel: free.


amy said...

ooooh im so stealing this!
hope you are well. inky

Allie#3ga said...

i gotta ditto inky on this one - i'ma stealing it too!

MamaChef said...

Way cool list! Imma maybe gonna have to share this with a few peeps too :)


christ*el #3tx said...

you know ima steal it too right.

like ghandi said, "Imitation is the sincerest flattery"

shut up. i DID just quote ghandi.

Leslie said...

can you score me some prozac? i think i need it. Ha! Ha!

Leslie said...

no prozac? damn! can i link you to me?

Tasty said...

Please do!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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