Wednesday, March 30

New T-Shirt

Hi kids. I know I called off the strike, then didn't bother to update. Well, today's not a lot better, and all you get is a very short story and a new T-shirt design. Some of my favorite people ever (mainly my soul-sister Terri) and I have come up with about three gabillion T-shirt designs over the last several months. This doesn't even encompass the several *other* gabillion fabu ones that Allie has come up with, either. But today, there was a banner suggestion.

Long story longer, I've been getting to know a person (via phone and email) who we're calling both The Chef and That Todd. Over the last few days, he and I have been trading creative insults. (Hey, I claimed neither to BE mature, nor to make mature friends.) His have included "camel scrotum," "liverlips," and "hamster sac." Mine have been mostly "monkey-boy" and the ever-charming "codpiece."

Terri says "hamster sac" would make an excellent t-shirt. I'm inclined to agree. See below.

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Allie#3ga said...

i'ma need some of these shirts.

devilboss said...

You let me know when you come up with the "codpiece" one!

MamaChef said...

Niiiice!!!! I need me one too!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hamster sac!

Im A Foto Nut said...

The best one I ever saw said, "Freelance OBGYN" the wearer was standing next to a guy wearing this gem. "I got crab on Long Island."

Just sayin'

I. S.

christ*el #3tx said...

oh my good gawd damn.

must have.
i really must.

Tasty said...

christ*el #3tx said...


Tasty said...

I canNOT because it is serious!

NTBoi77 said...

Here is a T-shirt slogan:

Monkia Lewinski had more president in her than Bush ever will!


Madley said...

I love this! Looking forward to codpiece as well!

amy said...

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have an amazing weekend, inky

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