Monday, March 28

The Strike is Off

I talked to #4WV and she's coming back to play with us in the blogging plane. Her ass has been glued to the piano bench because the Serpent Handling Church had Revival or some such this week. When I told her I was on strike, she briefly considered a lockout, but I've called off the strike, so all should proceed without collective bargaining.

Look for posts from both of us later.

Also, where the hell is #3GA??? Imaneed an update about her weekend with her boyfriends!


christ*el #3tx said...



and imaneed that too.

Leslie said...

yay!!! So glad you're back

devilboss said...

I'm feeling better already. btw, mary's blog won't let me reply. I have so many things to say about the penis and the video game. Really, can you imagine.

M'Ary* said...

You're not keeping up. I'm just sayin.

Gayan, I don't know why it won't let you comment. I'll check into it.

Anonymous said...

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