Tuesday, October 9

Between courses.

Welcome to your own kitchen, thank you for dining at home. Your chef is your server, and tipping is welcomed. Though, no money is accepted. (Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.)

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, having just eaten a divine salad of red onion, greens, a tiny dab of bleu cheese, and some crunchy hearts of palm. Now I'm between courses, and Todd is working on a wine sauce for some beef he's roasting. No, it's really not on the Body-for-Life plan, but it's certainly a celebration meal. My SEVEN interviews went wonderfully well. Every time I think, "There's just no way I'll find another team as amazing as the one I'm working with now..." it happens. I meet more amazing people. Every single person was smart, talented, and driven. And most of them also came equipped with a sense of humor. After a few of the interviews, the manager (who I'd already spoken with) came back and said, "Now, there's a bit of concern among the team members. They wanted to ask if you're able to provide a certain amount of 'sick and twisted' to the mix." WOO HOO!

This was the perfect time to let them in on the secret that I only have about six hours per day of "normal" and that's sort of a rare day. He was pleased, and indeed indicated that six hours may have been a few more than most of the team was able to accomplish. I assured him that the six hours don't happen consecutively.

It would appear that beef and polenta is coming my way, so I'll close for now. More later, including how I tipped the chef. You know, if it isn't too personal.


Allie said...

i only wanna know if it IS personal. if it's not, i want a review of the beef.

and if it "IS" personal - promise me at a certain moment you'll yell out


cause i would like that.

Beth said...

For the great interviews and for the beef!

christelpistol said...

hmmmmm... now i see where part of your "sick and twisted" came from!

(points to allie)

mateo said...

i figure you could review the personal or the beef and make us guess which one you are reviewing!!

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