Monday, October 15

For my LOLCAT loving friends.

You have seen I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER, yes? No? Click here and go see. I will wait.


OK, now that you've sampled, I want to share with you what my soul sister sent to me today, and I snorted with GLEE, I tell you! Glee!

This is the Lord's Prayer in LOLCAT. Yes, it's not terribly reverent, but damn it's funny.

DadCat ovr Ceiling
Ur name it rly rly g00d
Somday Ur kingdom we has it
U say whut, we does, on floor n ovr Ceiling
We can has cheezburger evry dai k?
We be bad U no sqrt bottl k?
N if sombody be bad 2 us we no bite
No mak us badkitties k?
Badstuff -- DO NOT WANT!
Kingdom, U has it! Ur pwning all teh d00dz! 4EVAH!

If you click the link on LOLCAT above, it will take you to a translator. It's definitely not as good as this one, but it's a start on the stupidity-fest that makes me laugh EVERY DAY.


christelpistol said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i just raised my geek points +5

not only because i understood it, but because i am about to repost it on a gaming forum.

i think i need help.

Tenacious B said...

love it

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