Thursday, October 4

Congratulations, anonymous commenter.

Congratulations, you win! You've irritated me enough that I'm dedicating a post to YOU. Enjoy this attention, as this is all you get.

To answer all of your comments and questions at once, here you go:

  • I don't know your identity by name, but I do know it by character. I learned this by your actions, i.e., the following: You started by questioning my love for an loyalty to God. You followed that up with an exaggeration of my failed relationships that was meant to be demeaning. Then, you hinted that you might want physical affection from me. (I did take that as a very lame joke.) I don't require anyone of your character anywhere in my life.
  • You are a festival of judement from marriages, to swearing, to drinking.
  • You've talked in your comments as though you know me and my family, yet do not reveal your name.
  • You've spelled my name wrong, which is a sign of laziness among other things.
  • You don't pay attention when you read me, as I didn't say I "still wanted to have kids."
  • The time when I'll allow you to comment on my blog again is "never."
  • Your use of "........................." is ridiculous. There is no such punctuation in English.

You're, of course, welcome to keep reading and commenting. However, I will continue to ignore comments from anonymous readers.


Allie said...


again, this is why i'm proud to call you sister.

christelpistol said...

i love a good galling out.


Little Pink Purses said...

comments from anonymous readers rank right up there next to who won the 1937 superbowl and what britney spears' mother had for dinner last night


it does, however, make for some pretty tasty blog fodder, eh?

loving you

teena weena

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