Friday, October 12

Letter: 38 years and 10 days old.

Anaheim, Calif.
Oct. 2nd, 1969

Miss Stacey Leigh
514 Garrison Dr.
California, Md.

Dear Stacey,

This is probably the first letter you have ever received and the writer feels highly honored because of your arrival, it has made me a Great Grandfather, something I never thought I would be lucky enough to be.

Of course you can’t read yet so your parents will have to read it for you.

Now your G. Grandfather would like the privilege of helping to make you comfortable during your first year and there are only two things a little lady of your age needs to keep her in solid comfort, one is a nice warm bottle of milk and the other is a dry diaper. I inquired about the cost of keeping one baby in diapers for one year and the diaper laundry said they would furnish everything for 250.00. It may be more or less where you live, so I am enclosing a check made out to you for 500.00 and if there is any left you can always buy an all-day-sucker or an ice cream cone with the rest.

Now here is some good advice that will also help to keep you comfortable, when you feel hungry or a little damp, you just start to yell (just a little bit at first) and if no one pays attention to you, just yell louder and louder until you get some service. Now don’t feel that you are being unusual, because this is a racket (or method) that has been forever successful. Now after your parents have made you comfortable again, all you have to do is goo and smile a little, because that’s all the pay they want. Now don’t overdo that yell business, because they might just get smart and quit jumping so quick.

Since the check is made out to you personally, it will be necessary for your fingerprint to appear above your mother’s signature before the check can be cashed.

Here are some other things you will probably learn yourself: those two things that keep showing up in front of your face with those wiggly things on the end of them are your hands, and you will be surprised how many things you can do with them. Also, the two other things you see once in a while are your feet. Now those feet are very handy when you learn to balance on them they will keep you right-side-up. When you feel hoppy, you can use them to hop, skip, and jump, and you can also kick people with them, but the latter is not practical.

Last but not least: you have two very fine parents who will take care of all the details for you, they will love and care for you until you are able to take care of yourself.

You are from good stock and I want to welcome you to the clan.

Love to you & your parents,
your G. Grandfather
John D. Moss

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