Monday, October 15

I'm not really a waitress, either.

OK, here are mine:

Mary Kay
Pink Starshine
Pink Bikini

Sinful Colors

Sally Hansen
Tranquil Taupe
Supershine (2)

Bijoux Holographics Island Twilight
Sheer Innocence
Dripping Rubies
Moonlit Mauve (an all-time favorite ltd edition that I can't find ANYWHERE!)
Rose Zing
Firma Nail
Go Chili
Sheer Bliss

Victoria's Secret

Windy City Pretty
Lincoln Park After Dark
Los Angeles Latte
Up the Amazon Without a Paddle
Pompeii Purple
Shanghai Shimmer
Maui Mango
Jewel of India
Kimono'ver Here
OPI Red (2)
Cajun Shrimp
Prince George's Passion
Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
Magala Wine
Sonora Sunset
You're Such a Kabuki Queen
La Paz-itively Hot
Queen of De Nile
Strawberry Margarita
I'm Not Really a Waitress

While I only have 37 listed here -- a sad number by any Numb3r standards -- I'm sure I have 6-8 more rolling around in various bathroom drawers. It's a crime against humanity. ;-)


Allie said...

you've gone for quality.

most impressive missy.

Beth said...

I had no idea nail polish color names could be so hilarious.

Also, I could never be a Number because I only have a two or three bottles of nail polish. I haven't bought anything new in ages, and I don't really have a sense of anything significant missing from my life because of it.
I just would never fit in, would I?

christelpistol said...

Beth, honey, that's why you are a Fraction.

our love is far-reaching.

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