Monday, October 1

Some thoughts for 11:00 p.m.

What is your vision? If someone pointed a weapon, say, a gun, at your head, and insisted that you reveal the vision you have for your life and the world you live in, what would you say? Do you have any idea what your vision is?

I'd like to suggest that your vision is at least partly what you currently have. So, if you're living in a (super cool) duplex on Pennsylvania St., that's your vision. And by "you," I mean me. I know that part of my vision is to live in a duplex on Penn, with my a-dorable boyfriend and our dog, to struggle with my weight, to seek God and a relationship with Her (hi, fundamentalists!), to dig deep and get honest about my ability to partner with someone for the rest of my life (hi, those who judge my divorces!), to discover what my calling is (I think I just may know!), to pray with raw honesty about my desire -- or lack thereof -- to have children, and to begin contributing purposefully with all the gifts I showed up on this planet possessing. It's an exciting life.

The rest of your vision is the "who" you will be. The who you're preparing to be. The one you know you can be. And by "you", of course, I mean me. The utter magic of this whole thing, I think, is that I already am this person... I'm just figuring out how to conduct myself as her, instead of the bad habits and smokescreens that I live with day to day.

Same for you, you know. You probably already knew this. You already knew you are a rockstar mom or dad, a contributor to your community, a leader, a lover, an athlete. I didn't know these things concretely about myself, until recently. I expect I'll forget sometimes along the way.

Remind me who I am, will you? Remind yourself how amazing you are, too.

BIG love!


auntie g said...

You are her.
You have "it" already.
You just can't feel it because your mind is making too much noise.

You seem to ask yourself "Am I one or am I two? Am I the being I was created to be?
Or am I the she that asks "Am I one or am I two?

Is there two of me? The 'I' and the 'self?'
....Maybe only one of them is real?
It is smokescreens and bad habits that confuse our minds.
Quiet your mind and you will find it (you) there.
You know her. She is you.

Tasty said...

See? That's what I meant! Thank you!! I know now that I already am. The one I was created to be. I love you.

christelpistol said...

i like you. yep that girl right there.

but i'd like you better if you were making out with me.

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