Saturday, October 6

Fourth day of a diet, indeed.

I neglected to post yesterday, as was my vague idea, but apparently not my intention.

I've been scheduled for seven interviews on Tuesday, for a the job (within corporate America) that I love. I've been doing the identical job for a different team for the last four months or so, filling in for a woman who has been on maternity leave. I LURVE this job, and am looking forward to doing it on a more permanent basis.

Let us back up. SEVEN interviews. One day. Sounds fun, no? Actually, what's funny is I do not mind interviews one bit. Maybe it's the performer in me, and maybe it's that this is actually the job I want as long as I'm hanging around an office anyway. (The position is Editor of a Brand Team. EDITING AND MARKETING. Life is sweet sometimes, you know?) In any case, I don't mind an interview or two. Or seven.

I have more things to say about work, but right now, I'm going back upstairs to lie down and read some more. I'm home alone, it is silent, and I'm not obligated to do anything but read.

Slice o' heaven, as far as I can tell.



christelpistol said...

7? it couldnt have been 5? or 9?

and love and luck in getting what you desire!

Beth said...

Seven! Holy cow, that's a lot of interviews.
Best of luck to you on Tuesday!

Little Pink Purses said...

you mean you get SEVEN opportunities to speak your own personal truth? SEVEN chances to make new connections? SEVEN exciting, new conversations in one day??? SEVEN performances!!!

oh the joy! oh the rapture! i love interviewing - do one with me in mind, ok?!?!?! (put some stank on it)

luh u gurl

teena weena

p.s. see u at the homeboy reunion!

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