Sunday, October 7

Off to see the wizard. Or something like that.

Somehow, it seems that Monday is upon me again.

This week there will be new things in my life... including the beginning of a new pursuit of physical and spiritual health. I had originally planned on doing a course called Mastery through the same company I did my leadership coaching program, but decided to choose something else. Some friends of mine and I are going to pursue some education, including inviting a teacher or two to hang with us for a weekend retreat. Also, I found a retreat in Virginia in January that has some speakers I want to hear. Todd wants to go back to the church on 16th and Delaware near our house. I'm up for that, too.

And Tina and I are starting the daily workout before office hours. GAH! Wish me discipline.

AND my soul sister and I are starting Body-for-Life. I have GOT to plan for that tomorrow, or the whole schedule will be thrown off.

Yes, I know this entry was thrilling.



Ms. T said...

Dahling girl!! I dusted off my BFL for Women book and am with you in our common struggle. "Struggle" being the operative word. One day at a time.

christelpistol said...

yeah, still not sure how you could possibly be better.... but if you feel that you need to do it, then go for it. but i LUH-LUH-LUH you just the way you are.

Beth said...

oh yeah? Well I just had a pumpkin pie blizzard.
I didn't say I feel good about it.

Allie said...


say that slower.


that's the best thing i've ever heard of.

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